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There are a lot of different reasons why people love motorcycling but most motorcycle enthusiasts know it is an advanced form of freedom. Whether it is road racing or road trips throughout the country – riding on the motorways of California or on the mountains of the Dakar race – motorcycling is what makes the heart of every two-wheel vehicle enthusiast beat. But if you want to get the same thrill as world-class professional riders do, you need first to feel secure, comfortable and AWESOME in your outfit so all you actually worry about is RIDING. Unfortunately, too many amateur riders still don’t know how to choose their outfit. If you are one of them, here are some tips for you to select the right clothing combinations. 10 steps to perfection:

  • If most motorcyclists consider leather as the ideal texture for a jacket, it is for a reason: leather combines the 3 important elements of a piece of outfit – protection, function and style. Leather keeps you warm; it protects you against the wind and cold. Also, it provides you with safety in case you crash. Finally, it is the most solid, and thereby, stable texture to give you a non-binding fit.
  • Depending on the climate, too warm might not be so good either. When your outfit is too warm you sweat, which increases your chance to catch a cold after riding. So you might want to choose vented clothing, but not in all areas: the armpits and the chest are the most important ones.
  • Keep the extra protection consistent but simple so the critical areas of the body – Back, shoulders, elbows and knees – are secure. Extra padding is a great example; it can be worn over or under the clothing. Sometimes they are built into it.
  • It is important to accommodate your riding position. Adapting your outfit to your activity is crucial to keep focused on what you do. For example: Pants worn by a dirt bike rider may not be comfortable on a chopper rider, or vice versa.
  • Stick with motorcycle clothing that’s stiff and less likely to be affected by wind. Clothing suitable for an afternoon walk may balloon while riding.
  • Consider the whole outfit. If you’re buying a jacket, keep in mind the thickness of layers you’ll be wearing beneath it. A large T-shirt is not appropriate to try a jacket or a suit. You should also wear your riding boots to the store or at least take them with you.
  • Fabric is an alternative to leather, but it should be designed for motorcycle wear. Jeans and thin fabric afford almost no protection for the skin or body parts. You must consider the length of your riding event. Some riders opt for motorcycle designed fabric clothing for shorter rides and full leather gear for longer rides.
  • This is general motorcycle knowledge: Synthetic fabric is stronger than fabric and as strong as leather, but weighs less.
  • Leather boots are more protective than nylon sneakers. Boots with heals are more practical to use with the bike’s foot pegs. The taller the boots, the more protection you get.
  • Gloves should be abrasion resistant, but they must also be flexible enough for you to grip the bike handles. Most bikers wear cowhide leather gloves, but alternatives include goatskin.

Here are some additional tips for you to consider:

  • Top Tips For Choosing Your Ideal Motorcycle Clothing:

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