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We remember our past, but constantly look for ways to improve our future, so wouldn’t it be nice if someone else was looking out for our future as well? At AGV Sport, the company makes innovation a priority.  Though, it is the reason behind innovation being a priority that sets this company apart from all others.  There is nothing personal about innovation itself that is prioriCovertizing the customer over the product.  Yet, AGV Sport has survived through the credibility of standing by its core market of sport bike riders and road racers. Each product is designed by riders for riders and because of this; function will always take precedence over aesthetics.  AGV Sport makes it essential to keep the product development and design in house in addition to using experienced riders.   Through these techniques the company has and will continue to stay true and stand by the company’s dedicated advanced riders who defer to the quality of performance driven products. It has been AGV Sport’s commitment to materials and design innovation that has enhanced the evolution of the AGV Sport product line.  These products are engineered to be strong, buoyant, abrasion defiant, cool, and comfortable.  From amateur products to globally renowned high end proficient race equipment, regardless of expense, AGV Sport’s design is always innovated towards the needs of the serious rider over the simple need of innovation for self advancement. To further your knowledge on innovation for reasons regarding social responsibility, please visit for AGV Sports Group Inc’s mission statement and to read further about the company’s impact on the riders and racers out there through their dedication to innovation.